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Together with the sustainable society RGU:GO GREEN at Gray's School of Art I held a travel photography exhibition with series of 3 pictures from the 9 cities  I travelled trough in September 2017.

All pictures were printed in postcard size and hung up in Ruthieston Community Center during the Zero Waste Cafe on November 18th 2016.

Click on the photos for full size

Tallinn, Estonia
“Real men love unicorns”
Captured in an interior shop in the Creative City: Telliskivi Loomelinnak.
Tallinn, Estonia
“Enjoy the view”
Street art at a famous viewpoint overlooking the beautiful city.
Tallinn, Estonia
Inside the contemporary art museum KUMU.
Riga, Latvia
“Vanšu Tilts”
My favourite bridge in Riga crossing the Daugava river.
Riga, Latvia
“The promenade”
A evening walk along the Daugava river during the golden hour.
Riga, Latvia
“Televīzijas Tornis”
Ducks enjoying the quiet evening with the TV tower raising against the horizon.
Vilnius, Lithu
“Užupio Res Publika”
The creative quarter of Vilnius where you advised to smile at all times.
Vilnius, Lithuania
“Signs in Užupis”
These signs are pointing towards similar places in the world like Užupis.
Vilnius, Lithuania
"St. Anne’s Church”
Lithuanians brags about that this was Napoleons favourite church in the city.
Warsaw, Poland
“Kino Muranów”
A cinema screening the Danish movie:
“The Commune”. The Polish title is “Komuna”.
Warsaw, Poland
“The Hand”
A sculpture of a hand on a terrace.
Warsaw, Poland
Inside the Neon Museum in the creative part of Warsaw called Soho Factory.
Berlin, Germany
“What the Heart Wants”
A movie by Cécilie B. Evans screened at Kunst- Werke Institute for Contemporary Art.
Berlin, Germany
“Brandenburger Tor”
The beautiful Brandenburg Gate against the blue September sky.
Berlin, Germany
The main station at Alexanderplatz with the TV tower in the background.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Window reflection of the busy people of Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Live performance during an exhibition opening at W139 art gallery.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The window display of the modern art museum Stedelijk with a reflection of the sky.
Brussels, Belgium
“Bar Mardi”
This picture is shot two hours before my bus to London.
Brussels, Belgium
Memorial at Maalbeek metro station after the attack the 22nd of March 2016.
Brussels, Belgium
“The lift”
The easy way to get from “uptown” to “downtown”.
London, England
Questions to consider at Tate Modern.
London, England
“Alright Gandhi”
An great band with amazing people who I met while living in Riga.
London, England
“Don’t worry”
Reflections upon mental health after visiting Wellcome Collection’s “Bedlam” exhibition.
Aberdeen, Scotland
“Look left”
To me the traffic in the UK is very confusing and I found this very helpful.
Aberdeen, Scotland
Inside the Sir Ian Wood Building at Robert Gordon University.
Aberdeen, Scotland
“The Anatomy Rooms”
A venue for creative individuals and small events.
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Ruthieston Community Center


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Exhibited photos

Pictures from the exhibition night

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Overamstel” Window reflection of the busy people of Amsterdam.